SINUSITIS is the inflammation of the mucosa covering the sinuses. It is due to sue mizaj har (improper cold temperament) of the brain and nose. Acute sinusitis usually follows an attack of severe cold or influenza. Or it may follow chronic diseases of the lungs.

When the phelgm coming out from the lungs gets accumulated in the sinuses and nostrils, it produces effects like malaise, body pain, fever and pain over the affected sinus. There may be some discharge from the nostrils, or they may be completely blocked or stuffy. The taste of the tongue changes and the person experiences an unpleasant smell. In chronic cases the person becomes a mouth breather, and may become vulnerable to throat and lung problems.


  • Inhalation of eucalyptus leaves boiled in water makes the mucus thin and helps in easy passage of the air.

  • Gul-e-banafsha (Viola odorata, linn) n7 gm, Tukhm-e- khatmi (Althaea officinalis,Linn) 7 gm, Unnab fruits(Zizphus vulgaris,Lamk) 7 fruits.
    These medicines are to be boiled in 100 ml. of water, until the quantity is reduced to half of the original. Remove and store in a bottle. Take about 2 gms. mixed with one teaspoon of honey twice daily.

  • Tukhm-e- khabbazi (Malva sylvestris,Linn) 7 gm, Asl-us- soos (Glycyrrhiza glabra,Linn) 5 gm.
    These are to be boiled in about 100 ml. of water over medium flame until the quantity is reduced to half of the original. Store it and take 2 gm. thrice daily.