Dear Unani Readers,

A journey from urban to rural, the starting of Center for Unani Ilaj bit Tadbeer – Regimental Therapy, was a dream that has come true under the stewardship of Prof. Hakim Syed Khaleefathullah Sahib, Padma Shri Awardee and President, Niamath Science Academy. It was my honour to have met Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam,the then President of India at Rashtrapati Bhavan along with other stake holders of Herbal Industry. After a long discussion regarding Indian Systems of Medicine, he came out with an idea to establish a Federation of Indian Herbal Industry – FIHI at a par with FICCI, an apex body of industries,to benefit the common man.When the questionof establishing of an office came up, there were differences as usual between the participants from different regions.Then,he suggested that the first office of the FIHI, shall be establish in his birth state Tamilnadu and immediately he pointed at me to establish it in our place at Chennai and thus the first headquarters of the FIHI was inaugurated at S.K’s Herbal Medical Hospital, Chennai.

He was then kind enough to take us around the Mogul Gardens and he requested me that I should take my services torural areas in addition to the urban and for which a land was purchased in Puduvoyal village above 40 km away from Chennai to do the service to the rural population of India. Simultaneously, the then Dept. of AYUSH funded the project for Niamath Science Academy so as to establish a Rural Center of Excellence for Unani IlajBit Tadbeer (Regimental Therapy). After the project was started, Dept. of AYUSH came out with a proposal so as to transfer the title of the land in the name of the center for a lease period of 30 years, whichwas a set back to me. I was then initially in a confused state of mind so as to withdraw from the project.It was then my mother Be gum Rabia Fathima Sahiba, advised me to go ahead with the transfer of land and said, it is the opportunity from Almighty given to me to do service to the rural population.In these five years of existence of the project, we were able to screened 48079 patients out of which 20459 patients were admitted till 30th June 2015. All of these patientswere treated by Ilaj Bit Tadbeer- Regimental Therapy-such as Venesection, Cupping, Massage, Counter Irritant, Exercise, Sweating, Turkish Bath and Leech Therapy.The efficacy of these treatment was most satisfactory, without any side effects. The sorrowful part is that both who initiated this project, namely Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the Former President of India, and my mother Begum. Rabia Fathima Sahiba, are no more with us today; but their vision will always be fulfilled.We whole heartedly pray for the departed souls to the Almighty Allahto rest them in peace.