The Unani system of medicine puts great emphasis on lifestyle management for promotion of health and prevention and treatment of disease. Therefore, it is of immense relevance to present times as lifestyle diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, Depression etc. are imposing the greatest burden on healthcare. Unani Medicine provides very comprehensive, specified and individualized guidance for this purpose. The Unani System of Medicine intergrates both external environment like Season, Air Purity, Food and Drinks, as well as internal environment i.e. movement and rest, sleep and wakefulness, evacuation and retention etc. It regulates both bodily states as well as psychic and mental states.

It has invented very ingenious interventions in these areas, such as Swinging and Boat Riding as an exercise for weak persons and paralytics. It has given a wide concept of Exercise by including under it the use of the Five Senses and undertaking the function of all organs and systems, such as, thinking, imagining, breathing, coitus etc. Most importantly, it has correlated all these factors with each other and with human beings by discovering their Temperament. Thus, it can individualize the appropriate quality and quantity of Diet, Bodily Movements, Mental Activity etc. for each individual, period of life i.e. Childhood, Old Age, Gender, Season etc.

Assignment of Temperament to all factors also allows substituting one factor by another if the former is not under control, e.g. the effect of Seasons or Psychic States can be moderated by Diets, Drugs, Clothing, Exercises, Massage, Bathing etc, So, by describing the Healthy State and Disease in terms of a Normal Temperament and a Pathological Temperament, and by assigning Temperament to Drugs and to a very wide range of environmental factors , such as Diet, Season, bodily and mental activity etc. Unani Medicine provides multifactorial guidelines to successfully maintain health by using same Temperament factors in Health and opposite Temperament factors in Disease.

Both promotion of health and treatment of disease can be done to a great extent b y nondrug factors, which are safer, cheaper and more easily employed than drugs. On account of its ability to undertake health promotion and disease prevention by non-drug lifestyle factors, the Unani System of Medicine is of great relevance to present-day healthcare, as lifestyle related diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, Depression etc. make up great burden for healthcare in these days.

Prophylactic Drugs
Although, prophylaxis by non-drug factors is an obvious strong point of Unani System of Medicine, the presence of prophylactic drugs is not less important as many serious prophylactic objectives require potent interventions which obviously can be provided only by drugs.

Unani System of Medicine prescribes a large number of drugs for preventive purposes. Some of them can be considered rather general as the indications for their use are general factors, such as climatic characters, seasonal variations, age and occupation. For instance, smilax chinensis (Chob chini) is used in healthy people when they enter the middle age period of 40 to 50 years. The procedure of administering the drug is accompanied with the precautions of not using cold foods and drinks. The use of Honey and Crocus sativus (Saffron) is also an example of prophylactic medications to protect the body from ill-effects of cold climate. Some other prophylactic drugs are: Glycyrhiza glabra (Asl al- Sus), Coriandrum sativum (Kishniz), Berberis vulgaris (Rasavt) etc.