ONE of the most common complaints found in women especially in the lower socio-economical strata is leucorrhoea. It is characterised by a continuous white discharge from the vagina, which could be from the wall of the uterus, vulva, cervix or from the vagina itself. The most common causes are anaemia and poor hygiene. The discharge is not to be confused with the normal physiological discharge which helps to keep the cervix moist and the vagina lubricated during sexual activity.

Leucorrhoea could also be caused by colitis, psychological disturbances, or due to diseases of the genital tract. It also observed in women after delivery as the wall of the genital tract gets slightly eroded and is a common occurrence at the pre-menopausal stage. In post menopausal women, it could be due to any growth or sartan (cancer) of the cervix.

The discharge is white in colour and mucopurulent with or without unpleasant smell.

MANAGEMENT : Psychological cases need counselling and assurance,The actual cause has to be treated.General health and hygiene has to be improved.


The following medication could be useful in monspecific leucorrhoea (which are not due to factors like anaemia or cancer).

  • Singhara (Trapa bispinosa,Roxb) 100 gms, Heel khurda (Amonum subulatum,Roxb) 100 gms, Sugar 200 gms.
    All above ingredients are to be powdered and stored. About 5 gms. of the powder is to be taken thrice a day for about two months.
  • Musli safaid (Chlorophytum arundinaceum,Baker) 100 gms. Fulfal (Chalia) (Areca catechu,Linn) 100 gms. Sugar 200 gms.
    The above ingredients are to be finely powdered and taken twice daily for about one month.
  • Kateera (Cochlospermum religiosum) 100 gms, Mazu (Quercus infectoria, Oliv) 100 gms.
    They are to be powdered and stored. To be taken twice daily for about three to four weeks.