HIPPOCRATES was the first to mention the evidence of this disease when an epidemic broke out in 751 AD. It is a very contagious disease characterised by the yellowish appearance of the sclera (the whites of the eyes) and the skin. According to Unani Medicine, it is caused by the excessive quantity of yellow bile in the blood. It is broadly classified into two main types - suddi (obstructive) and ghair suddi (non-obstructive).

The patient suffers from anorexia, mild fever, nausea and constipation, and generally has a mild pain in the abdomen. A few days after the onset it involves the liver and then symptoms related to that become evident.


Complete bed rest. All kinds of oily, spicy non-vegetarian food and alcoholic preparations should be shunned. Soft, easily digestible food stuffs must be taken. Juices will be helpful.Preferably sugarcane juice.

  • Babul flower (Accacia arabica,Wild) 5 gm, nilofar flower (Nymphaea alba, Linn) 5 gm, Rewand chini (Rhem emodi,Wall) 1 gm, All the above ingredients are to be boiled in about 200 ml. of water and filtered 25 ml. of this preparation is to be taken twice daily.
  • Kasni seeds (Cichorium intybus,Linn) 1 gm,Asl-us-soos (Glycyrrhiya glabra,Linn) 2 gm, namak siyah (black salt) 1 gm. All these ingredients are to be powdered and taken twice daily.
  • Fresh juice of maka leaves (Solanum nigrum,Linn) 30 ml. and fresh juice of kasni leaves (Cichorium intybus,Linn) 30 ml. are to be taken and mixed with 300 ml. of water and kept over slow flame till the total quantity of 360 ml. is reduced to 180 ml. Take 25 ml. of this three times daily for about 6 weeks.