PAINFUL menstruation is experienced by about 20 per cent of the girls, especially in their teens.

It has been broadly classified into two types, primary or essentials, and secondary or organic. There is no specific reason known for the primary cause but the second type may be due to inflammation in the wall of the uterus or due to any growth. It could also be due to the presence of an intrauterine device. The pain can be felt on the sides of the abdomen and there might be some abdominal discomfort due to gas.


Affects the age group of 20-22. There is gripping pain about 4-6 hours before the onset of the period. There is no pain between cycles.


Usually affects person after the age of 30 years. A dull aching is felt in the lower back also. Pain has not connected with the menstrual cycle.
The first type of pain needs assurance and counselling Rest is advised during menstruation. The pain usually disappears after marriage. The second type needs advice from the physicians. The following treatment is helpful in primary and nonspecific secondary dysmenorrhoea.


  • Murmuki {Commiphora myrrha,(NEES)Engl} 500 gms, Gulqand-e-gulab 3 gms.
    They are to be mixed and taken for five days, commencing two days before the periods.
  • Sibr (Aloe barbadensis,Linn) 100 gms, Jundabadastar 500 gms, Loab geekawar (pulp of aloes) 3 gms.
    They are to be mixed and taken once every three days before the onset of cycle.
  • Milk of khashkhash (Papaver somniferum,Linn)
    Two Teaspoon full during the pain
  • Roghan-e-Balsan (oil of balsam mecca)